This is a documentation of all the shows and special projects happenning on the Lock Screen of Nastassia’s iPhone exhibition space during Season 1 – Summer ’21. For visuals, please go to instagram @nastassiasiphone.

!Special literature project on Nastassia’s iPhone !


Bastien Rivath

August 25 – August 31, 2021




I feel like a scared hacker, 2021

#NFT (Not For Tiktok), 2021



Yue Yuan

August 17 – August 23, 2021




“1. Change your home screen to ‘steal this phone’.

2. Keep your screen bright until power runs out.

3. Put a piece of baguette on the screen and wait for a pigeon to eat it.”



Darya Danilovitch

August 10 – August 16, 2021




Seven short videos and stills by Daria Danilovich shown one per day on Nastassia’s iPhone in this order:

sensitive skin

go fresh restore

silk cream oil

luscious velvet



gentle exfoliating


!Special project.Vacations on Nastassia’s iPhone !


Tatiana Efrussi

August 3 – August 10, 2021




tatiana efrussi



Dylan Spaysky

July 27 – August 3, 2021




Photographs of three sculptures from the series Night Lights by Dylan Spaysky.



Jonás Fadrique

July 20 – 26, 2021




Two lovely pickles giving each other hugs on a pure white bacground: Suggestion de présentation.



Anna Solal with Sophie_Dahmer_0

July 14 – 19, 2021



@sophie_dahmer_0 @anna_solal

Promo images for their upcoming project Enfant Chiffre at Cassandra Cassandra (Toronto, CA): drawing of a bee by Anna, poem by Fernando Arrabal selected by Sophie, photographs of chosen books with collaged phrases “Cassandra Cassandra” (Gabrielle Wittkop, La marchande d’enfants), “Sophie & Anna” (Jean Genet, Pompes Funèbres) , “6 mois et demi de grossesse” (J.D. Fabre, Ne touchez pas à Fabre).



Sophie Rogg

July 6 – 12, 2021




Live Interview with Sophie Rogg here.

Ursula le guin (i took a note)
And after that we’ve been talking
About Dirty translations*
About how ppl who can’t draw make great bd and ppl who don’t intend to make art do it*
And how Sophie would like to know more poetry bc it seems this is where lays freedom and I told her that she already Makes poetry like the names of her pieces are so.. <linguistically savory> and this is maybe where she is this free of education and experience person that makes great stuff
About how it is tricky to have a bf as a cishet girl in deconstruction
About Clara Schulmann (who is awesome)
About discovering feminism and never quitting it (and how it is not an enemy)
About more feminist authors we don’t remember names* but it seems like we just had them on mind
About graphic design in Swiss and Holland
And how it gives pleasure no more
Sophie showed me photographs of pasta out of Tupperware that kept their Tupperware shapes
About having been perfectionist
About now having no pleasure to be perfectionist and conform to the norm
About the new Crèvecoeur gallery space which is actually a showroom at st germain and marcelle alix gallerist who told that no collector go to Belleville and how it’s not easy to be gallerist as a woman
About the language norms that are shitty and just are symbolic violence in most of cases
About how as someone who doesn’t want to conform (even in the matters of speech) especially in france, where ‘méthod’ seems the only way, you have not to just do ur do that doesn’t conform but also build a massive highly conforming defense over it.
Sophie’s psy says why won’t you go with the stream, now I think fuck such psy
Sophie kindly gave me the bondage for the phone and bounded it, we freestyled about the name for it, we got agreed over my net is your net

*Mercedes Azpilizueta (Bestiario de Lengüitas, CAC Brétigny, Brétigny-sur-Orge, 17.01-03.07.2021)

*This is a part of what home sweet home exhibition is about, Sophie takes pictures of what just happens, which later reinforces the act of letting it go while working on art.

*like Griselda Pollock, Modernité et espaces de la féminité, 1988/2003



Yeongseo Jee

June 29 – July 5, 2021



@yongxo.xo     @fakeflowers_intherealworld      @flowerfields_indailylives

Yeongseo Jee presents a collage piece for  Nastassia’s iPhone homescreen. Using screen’s reflective property the artist creates a foreground for immersive real time fictions.



Sacha Rey

June 15 – June 28, 2021




Sacha Rey sound piece for Nastassia’s iPhone homescreen.

To listen to the piece: call +33 6 11 54 66 27 or/and listen on soundcloud



Alexandra Galenko

June 8 – June 14, 2021

Solo project by Alexandra Galenko for Nastassia’s iPhone homescreen




In her heartsquishing and heartwarming show Slow Art, Alexandra Galenko shares with us moments of slow life she observes on her walks.

With four videos featuring a snail on a lilac leaf (She made it!, 2021), snails running one over another (Rushing snails, 2020), a worm hiding into the ground (Aiming worm, 2020), and a snail meeting a tiny bug (Snail and weevil, 2020), Alexandra reintroduces us to a kind of spontaneous and fresh contact with nature. Like you are a kid again, in the summer, and the world of bugs is your world.

The funny titles Aleksandra gives to her videos bring in a grain of salt and guide us into a story the artist is projecting onto the scene. I inevitably think of soviet animations, labeled as kind, or maybe Pixar. And when sometimes Alexandra all of a sudden comments in her videos, she has a slight air of Nikolay Drozdov, the host of the TV show In the World of Animals. And it makes me feel like looking for the meaning in life again, for how to live and what it is to be human.

Friend. Best friend. They are very glad.

(Aleksandra Galenko’s voiceover in Snail and weevil, 2020)