Sacha Rey

June 15 – June 21, 2021

Sacha Rey for Nastassia’s iPhone homescreen

IG: @nastassiasiphone   @reysacha

06 11 54 66 27


Alexandra Galenko

June 8 – June 14, 2021

Solo project by Alexandra Galenko for Nastassia’s iPhone homescreen




In her heartsquishing and heartwarming show Slow Art, Alexandra Galenko shares with us moments of slow life she observes on her walks.

With four videos featuring a snail on a lilac leaf (She made it!, 2021), snails running one over another (Rushing snails, 2020), a worm hiding into the ground (Aiming worm, 2020), and a snail meeting a tiny bug (Snail and weevil, 2020), Alexandra reintroduces us to a kind of spontaneous and fresh contact with nature. Like you are a kid again, in the summer, and the world of bugs is your world.

The funny titles Aleksandra gives to her videos bring in a grain of salt and guide us into a story the artist is projecting onto the scene. I inevitably think of soviet animations, labeled as kind, or maybe Pixar. And when sometimes Alexandra all of a sudden comments in her videos, she has a slight air of Nikolay Drozdov, the host of the TV show In the World of Animals. And it makes me feel like looking for the meaning in life again, for how to live and what it is to be human.

Friend. Best friend. They are very glad.

(Aleksandra Galenko’s voiceover in Snail and weevil, 2020)